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WS 2000 / 2001 (analysisI / lineare algebra I)
WS 2001 / 2002 (analysis I / informatik I / logik für informatiker)
SS 2002 (theoretische informatik)
WS 2002 / 2003 (informatik III / logik)
SS 2003 (MFI II / Sys Info )

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28.12.06 - updated the usage statistic from the hilariously inaccurate tird-party figures to the real ones fresh from the server.

01.05.06 - New background. Kinda special as it uses a genuine method to be scalable: Though the gradient is an image it adjusts dynamically with the windowsize. Thanks for the hints go out to Marius!

13.01.06 - Removed a security hole. The phpBB-forum may get exploited so I deactivated it. Noone posted anything since 19.07.05 anyway, so it'll make no difference.
Consider the mail interface if you want to contect me.

15.08.05 - Included a mail interface. If you want to mail me, use this form or write to .

07.08.05 - There have been no updates since long as I currently consider the improvement of my home more important than the improvement of my homePAGE ;). There _will_ be a new design someday. A study can be found here, but I highly disapprove with it in various ways. I'll update the design no sooner than I found time to learn about CSS, php, etc and can set up a profound concept.
Unfortunately my very costly studies in computer science keep me from other, equally important things… so there. But nevertheless I managed to create a few additions to my site since the last update:
  • I set up a Majordomo Mailinglist to support interested minds with updates of a script on grafical programming (OpenGL etc.), which I wrote during the last semester
  • a profound linkpage featuring
    • various ways to search google, wikipedia, ebay, etc.,
    • a convenient way to shorten your long urls with tinyurl
    • a pulldown with links to sites on dukedrake.de
    • and of course: a whole lot of links to other important pages with a focus on universitary sites
    … sounds like the ultimate homepage for your browser, doesn't it? ;)
  • and finally I set up my own usemod wiki, the TechWiki, intedended to gather information on various technical topics - just take a look! =)

28.01.05 - Added a nice little page containing all the lecture dates till WS 2005/06 - _including_ the weekdays for beginning and end of vacations! May this tiny addition help to avoid mistaking a lecture day for a vacation day…

13.01.04 - A happy, successful and creative new year to all off you! And no, I didn't set a exact date for the next version of this site yet. Though about 50% are compiled already, I currently don't have the time to fill it with content: it's "exams first" - as always.
Here goes a link to the Projekt Management Vorlesung. Have fun.

12.12.03 - Set up a forum to exchange ideas of what to do at all DSDWD-Forum

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